Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hermes legend can not be copied(No.1)

1830s Paris, the active molecules in the air constantly jumping. Here, experienced three bourgeois revolution and proletarian uprising of the Paris Commune, was "change" is the word naturally soaked. Desolate Versailles ectopic, quietly opened a blossoming golden flowers. In 1837, French King Louis - Philippe ordered a re-repair Versailles, turning it into France History Museum, exhibited art, sculpture and many other works of art. Paris art out of the modernist beautiful flowers, fashion began to modernize it.


At this point, the continental United States, a man called Charles Lewis Tiffany came to Broadway in New York, opened an unassuming little shop, no one knows the future there will be many girls who through the window overlooking the brilliant jewelry. In France, one called the Louis Vuitton's 16 year-old boy, also with his dream to go to Paris. Is this the same year, a specialized production of saddle and harness supplies stores have appeared at the time was known as the "Big business district" of Paris, the owner called Thierry Hermès, stores, horses voices.

The Hermes named to the carriage harness workshop production of fine accessories, the most beautiful city of Paris at the time of the wagons, you can see traces of Hermès harness. Mr Hermès delicate hand with his aristocratic guests ushered in a large number of recognition, he always had a policy: the pursuit of perfection. 1867 Paris World's Fair was held, Hermès will with superb technology, has won a prestigious awards.

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