Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wigs Introduction

Wigs for sale on the market variety, we can choose according to their different situations to choose.

By area, it has two kinds of wigs and wig piece:

1, the wig is a wig throughout the entire band in the head, characterized by: Easy to wear, good fastness, covering a large area for
Situation broad.

2, wig piece can be customized according to different needs of different shapes, different sizes wig piece, characterized by: strong randomness, fidelity
Extremely high, good air permeability.

According to production methods can be divided into hair and hand-woven hook hair into two categories:

1, hair weaving machine production line is made ​​out of. Mass production, low prices are its main features, the disadvantage is: it is easy to be
Look out, weight more sedate, poor ventilation easy to make hair follicles blocked, easy to tie. Advantage is that the price is very cheap. 2, hand hook hook hair is hand crafted, all the hair is hand a root hook out, this wig advantages are: fidelity
High, good ventilation, comfortable to wear, can be customized, the disadvantage is the price relatively high.

Press materials can be divided into chemical fiber and human hair into two categories:

1, the wire is made of a synthetic fiber products to mimic the hair, which is characterized by poor fidelity, easily reacts with scalp itch after wearing
Feeling. Advantages are: low price.

2, the human hair is the choice of the processed 100% human hair made​​, the advantages are: high fidelity, easy to tie, after
Period can bureau, dye, perm, convenient changing hairstyles, the disadvantage is the relatively high prices.

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