Monday, September 2, 2013

Hermes legend can not be copied (No.3)

Hermes Away from the horse's

It was a car ready to come out of the era. Then attempt to replace traditional steam carriage carriage ride in the streets of Paris. December 24, 1898 Christmas Eve, only 21-year-old Louis Renault driving his horseless manned vehicle boarded Paris Montmartre Hill, won the crowd amazed eyes, the orders continue to arrive, Renault officially published. Vehicles in Europe and the increasing popularity of high society, high horse with shrinking market demand. Hermes converting time, began to move toward production of varieties direction. 1900, Hermès offers its customers a special saddle bags with shoulder strap, its unique shape designed specifically for rider for carrying their saddle. However, Hermes is still sewn harness technology to produce all kinds of exquisite leather goods, thus maintaining a delicate hand and texture. In the third-generation head of Hermes's efforts, Hermes entered the palace of European countries to become Queen's treasures.

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