Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Choose hairstyle tips

Wig then the United States have for your own, listen to professional presentation, feel what wig style more appropriate? Wig for your future use is not without benefits. Wigs many styles, perfectly suitable type can be applied on different occasions, such as work, travel, leisure, dinner, etc.; simply can make your image changing, fantastic.

Choose according to face

Round face: You can select some can cover the cheeks, the length of the face to be seen, so that it plump face was petite lot.
Coconut Round face: select some bangs four, six or three, seven joints, the whole big wave wig, smooth lines used to set off
At the lower amount, will make the whole face look lively and have a sense of flow lines.

Square face: This face lady to note that if negligence, will make their own shortcomings exposed, so try to choose some of the two

 Lower level side, slightly curled hair does not make the face look soft lot. Will make a woman more gentle, charming.Oval face: the best choice in the long hair type is more suitable, but some can be fluffy little forehead, jaw too plump hair, which
Like the overall feel will be very coordinated.

Color selection
Whitish: Whitish color, although natural beauty, but if the color of the wig improper selection will make you look very healthy. But Is light brown red, light reddish brown and very soft colors of these will make your face red and angry.Yellow: the color yellow can choose natural black, dark brown and other darker colors will make the skin appear yellowish white lot.Ten million refuse Yellow hair color, it would have been ugly skin more unsightly.Nature Skin: This skin is the best, and looks healthy and shiny hair color selection room is also very wide, such as yellow, reddish brown,Wine red, purple, dark coffee all are appropriate.Partial black: severe skin pigmentation, make skin look dull and lackluster, the hair colors to use some natural black, dark orange
Off color, etc., will make his face bright lot.

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