Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to properly treat wig products

Wig after all, is a consumer product, like permanent use is impossible, but good maintenance habits can greatly extend the service life, the right to treat wig products.

First, wig products require regular cleaning and maintenance. Because it is real hair and scalp biological protein, prolonged use of some vulnerable to external corrosion, such as sweat, oil, must be regularly cleaned;

Second, some hair conditioner and other maintenance products, human hair for hair conditioner and other care products, wig products as applicable, agencies generally have a professional wig care products, with the use of better protection for wigs;

Third, pay attention to everyday wear and tear. Like old shoes to go mountain easily broken, if I usually in motion, outdoor work environment, wigs will be affected, you can try to do some protective measures, or take turns using alternate two wigs, wigs extend product life.

     Common hair gel, make sure you pay attention to the deep. Try not to take hair gel overnight. Choose some of the deep shampoo for scalp oil on the scalp regularly to care. Otherwise, the hair spray chemicals can damage the hair follicles, causing the hair loss. We look at those high doses hairspray idol will be very care for their hair. Regular maintenance is required. And do not choose the kind of copycat brands of hair gel. Alcohol, chemical content exceeded, it is impossible to treat. Your body will cause damage to organs.

     In summary, under good maintenance habits, professional wig product can be used 3 to 5 years, or even longer. If you like changing a variety of styles, there is more than one wig rotate, are more conducive to the maintenance of the wig.

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