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Top 10 Reasons to cause hair loss

1. mental or physical factors

Excessive stress causes hair loss is a common cause. Mental stress, depression, fear or severe insomnia can cause neurological disorders, capillary contraction continued in the hair follicles get adequate blood supply, and the scalp at the top of the body, and thus most vulnerable to hair loss. If the pressure continues, coupled with psychological weak, prone to broken hair (hair) addiction, eating hair (hair), Hair Pulling, etc. Head trauma, spinal cord, medulla oblongata, midbrain and brainstem lesions, can cause hair loss. Mental factors will seriously affect the hair growth cycle, long eye fatigue, excessive mental stress, nervous stress, irritable or anxious mood, staying up late, can lead to hair growth cycles, hair loss phenomenon, leading to premature baldness . Common such as postpartum hair loss, serious illness alopecia, hair loss after the examination and some shoulder major responsibility of the person in charge or businessman hair loss.

2, hormone imbalances and genetic factors

Pituitary secretion of growth hormone can promote hair growth, and growth hormone deficiency will cause the hair growth rate is relatively slow; hormones also affect hair Bodybuilding: Female hormones make the hair soft and shiny; male hormones will so the hair becomes hard and thick, once the sex hormones out of balance, it may appear abnormal hair. Therefore, postpartum, menopause, oral contraceptives, etc., in a given period will result in estrogen deficiency and hair loss; hypopituitarism, adrenal tumors, acromegaly late, can lead to hair loss. Most women approaching menopause are hair loss, hair loss can indeed confirm that caused hormonal, if this is the case choose to accept hormonal therapy or medication prescribed by a doctor.

3, diseases and factors of drug treatmentAnemia, malnutrition, acute fever, infectious diseases or chronic liver disease, if you interfere with the hair roots hair mother cell function, it will affect hair growth and color, and even normal hair mother cell division is inhibited, leaving hair in the resting period, there hair loss. In addition, the risk of ovarian cancer may be due to excessive secretion of androgens, the occurrence of dandruff, greasy hair, causing seborrheic dermatitis and alopecia.Drugs and hair tiesMany drugs can damage the hair, obstruct beauty. Immunosuppressants, chemotherapy drugs, arsenic and other drugs can cause hair loss, long-term use of antibiotics and painkillers, prone to fine, short hair, shedding phenomenon. Some nutritional supplements containing stimulants, long-term use and easy to make hair damage. Common drugs such as antidepressants, blood pressure drugs can cause hair loss, your doctor may recommend that patients switch to other kinds of drugs.Other factors, such as drug therapy chemotherapy, weight-loss drugs, ulcer drugs, vitamin A acid; regards the treatment of cancer chemotherapy, can cause a lot of people know that hair loss, which is due to chemotherapy will kill any cancer cells divide rapidly than The cells, including in the growing hair root cells, so it will Jiucheng about hair loss. When chemotherapy stops hair growth will gradually reborn.

4, food and nutritional and metabolic factors

As a partial eclipse caused by factors such as malnutrition, as well as due to indigestion, chronic wasting disease caused unbalanced nutrition or malabsorption can lead normal hair growth was inhibited and into the telogen phase, and the emergence of sparse hair, Kujiao early White or off. Excess sugar or salt, protein deficiency, iron deficiency, excess selenium, and certain metabolic diseases such as refined amino acid aciduria, homocystinuria, hereditary whey aciduria, methionyl acid metabolism disorders, but also causes hair loss.Nutrients and hair tiesIodine can promote the formation of melanin in the hair cortex, contribute to cell hyperplasia, produce sufficient quantities of melanin, iodine deficiency in the growth process when the brunette turns white;Calcium in the human body calcium deficiency, excessive hair will thicken, dry and fragile and easily broken;Vitamin deficiency of folic acid, pantothenic acid or B vitamins, the hair will turn gray;Lack of protein protein children, the hair will slowly turn red;Metals zinc deficiency can cause hair loss, baldness occurs; copper deficiency, iron, cobalt will make the hair gradually yellowed until white.

5, congenital factors

Congenital factors such as: developmental defects, various syndromes, such as early chronic disease caused by the hair completely absent or sparse; follicular dysplasia cause hair soft and easily broken. Congenital alopecia is an autosomal dominant genetic disease, more common in the offspring of consanguineous marriage.

6, the physical and chemical factorsLiving environment and hair tiesLiving environment and the hair is closely related to bodybuilding. The modern city of smoke and exhaust and other serious pollution of the people living space, which cause harm to the hair; long-term jobs in the strong sunlight, can cause hair loss and become dark brown melanin, and cut off the hair of the protein supply make hair rough and dark.Physical factors such as strain, bruises, burns and other injuries trauma and electricity; hair loss caused by physical factors: including hair alopecia, hair loss and other mechanical irritation local friction alopecia; radiation injury clinically divided into four degrees, can cause hair loss; excessive ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, often use hot hair, the hair can easily become scarce. Caused by physical factors, physical alopecia, also known as alopecia.Chemical factors such as shampoo in the boric acid or dye perm syrup: perm agent, clean hair, hair dyes and other hair cosmetics, hair loss is caused by a common cause. In recent years, women's hair thinning increasing incidence, which may lead to abuse of some irresponsible advertising agent for clean hair. Hair loss due to chemical factors known chemical alopecia.

7, endocrine disorders factorsEndocrine factors such as hyperthyroidism; overactive and underactive thyroid can cause hair thinning thinning, thyroid supplements can make hair back to normal. Thyroid hormone secretion is also related with the merits of the hair: hyperthyroidism, hair relatively soft, dysfunction, then the hair dry and dull.

8, the response function of the immune system disorder thatThe immune system may attack the hair follicles, leading to hair loss, such as autoimmune lupus function floc chaos caused alopecia; doctor will usually position the patient hair loss, direct injection of a small amount of steroids.

9, improper care and human factorsHuman factors and hair ties bad habits1), the day wearing a hat will oppress the scalp blood vessels, affecting blood circulation. Especially in the hot summer, hats obstruct ventilation, a long time easy to make hair loss;2), excessive drinking can cause gastrointestinal disease, which affects protein, vitamins and other nutrients digestion and absorption; wine preservative contained in the hair fitness also has a great negative impact.3), often drinking carbonated beverages and irritation of the stomach, causing digestive disorders, affecting the absorption of nutrients lead to hair loss;4), excessive exercise can also affect the health of hair, soft wool yarn will appear and lead to hair loss;5), for a long time in air-conditioned living room, can cause increased dandruff and hair loss.Improper hair care and hairdressing1), easy to damage the tip of a knife Thinning hair medulla, cortex and cuticle hair, often split ends and breakage, especially shaved his head immediately after the perm, more damage to the hair. Hair cut with scissors, will not damage the originator, healthy hair will continue to grow;2), perm, hair incorrectly can damage hair cortex. Perm water can dissolve the hair cortex protein and fat, soften the hair wavy; hair dye can remove the hair cortex of melanin, thus penetrate the hair dye. Thus perm, hair dyes quality, dose and application method used is very important, correct and appropriate use can reduce its damage to the hair;3), the excessive use of hair dryer can damage hair cortex and medulla hair so dry hair, split ends, thinning until the fall;4), hairbrush and comb method of selection is not correct incorrectly will damage the hair. Electrostatic interaction can produce nylon hair brushes, combs can produce up to several hundred volts of static electricity from hair root hair shaft spread the discharge, causing the pores and hair roots organizations bubbles, a long time, the pores and hair root is completely disengaged, and cause hair loss; wire brush and hairbrush made from pig will damage hair, and it is not used, the best selection of rubber or plastic wooden hairbrush or comb horny;5), shampoos improper selection affects hair bodybuilding. Series of commercially available oil shampoo, hair conditioner, make scalp sebum composition damaged, causing dander, dry scalp.

10, fungal infections, parasites, viruses and purulent skin diseases and other factors

Infection alopecia: Head chickenpox, shingles virus, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), M. leprae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, syphilis, Treponema pallidum, and tinea capitis caused by various fungi can cause hair loss. Local skin lesions such as seborrheic dermatitis, lichen planus, fungal or parasitic infections, etc. is also a major factor in causing hair loss. Scalp lipophilic fungus in the sebaceous glands under the premise of large blooms, disaster of lipophilic fungus to obtain nutrients from the hair follicles and the metabolites emissions, where the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and chronic inflammation - seborrheic dermatitis, hair follicles gradually atrophy, germinal function gradually diminishes, hair gradually reduced until baldness. Head mite is a tiny parasite, the naked eye can not see. It parasites in human hair follicles to sebum for food, and the secretion of lipase (lipase), erosion of the sebaceous glands, blocked hair follicles, causing hair loss or baldness.Hair loss is a headache image problem

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