Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hermes legend can not be copied(No.1)

1830s Paris, the active molecules in the air constantly jumping. Here, experienced three bourgeois revolution and proletarian uprising of the Paris Commune, was "change" is the word naturally soaked. Desolate Versailles ectopic, quietly opened a blossoming golden flowers. In 1837, French King Louis - Philippe ordered a re-repair Versailles, turning it into France History Museum, exhibited art, sculpture and many other works of art. Paris art out of the modernist beautiful flowers, fashion began to modernize it.


At this point, the continental United States, a man called Charles Lewis Tiffany came to Broadway in New York, opened an unassuming little shop, no one knows the future there will be many girls who through the window overlooking the brilliant jewelry. In France, one called the Louis Vuitton's 16 year-old boy, also with his dream to go to Paris. Is this the same year, a specialized production of saddle and harness supplies stores have appeared at the time was known as the "Big business district" of Paris, the owner called Thierry Hermès, stores, horses voices.

The Hermes named to the carriage harness workshop production of fine accessories, the most beautiful city of Paris at the time of the wagons, you can see traces of Hermès harness. Mr Hermès delicate hand with his aristocratic guests ushered in a large number of recognition, he always had a policy: the pursuit of perfection. 1867 Paris World's Fair was held, Hermès will with superb technology, has won a prestigious awards.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Madonna: 40-year-old did not know he used to be a clown

Madonna appeared on time, and as the world's most striking woman, she did not seem so eye-catching. She was wearing a dark brown jacket, wearing one can pull down over his eyes tweed Nepalese hat. "Hello, I'm Madonna," she said, winking, but fortunately she has just dyed his hair, not many people recognize her, not so high retention rates. Our hotel in Beverly Hills POLO hall meeting, where far away from her place, she took from the hands of actress Diana Keaton bought this building $ 3.5 million residential, albeit often haunt famous star here, Madonna still causes the emergence of a little commotion, the waiter who from time to time, "Gone with the Wind" to her side, she ordered a cup of chamomile tea with honey, politely interrupted their whispering.

There have been many people think, a lot of things should not appear in Madonna's music career, such as her "Like A Prayer" music video lure of black saints. "In Bed With Madonna" (bed with Madonna) Madonna movie-depth disclosure of many unknown secrets, many people think that this is not a wise move. Then she and the famous bisexual comedian Sandra Bernhard (Sandra Bernhard) With one leg in her photo album, she and supermodel Naomi Campbell, singer Vanilla Ice and other assumed a series of explicit sexual positions, which are already strained public too lazy to respond, they are more willing to listen to Madonna, despite their own imagination.

"Different things give me inspiration," Madonna said, "I want to go to guitar lessons, learn something, maybe Mirwais (Mirwais William Orbit, French dance community representatives, the representative of the 1998 Grammy Award for" light "), do not give me some arranger chords on the lyrics speaking, they sometimes suddenly burst into my mind, I will write a few random, I have a diary, I often write down me from a newspaper or book to see good ideas. "

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chanel two percent increase in the United States to enhance brand value

October 20 "Chanel Mobile Art Exhibition in New York" (Chanel Mobile Art Tour New York) in New York's Central Park, the venue opened. Planning design by architect Zaha Hadid, inspired by "Chanel 2.55 handbag (Chanel 2.55) Classic Quilted padding designed pavilion, it shows that the world's best selling Chanel handbags on this attention and pride. Venue showcased 20 artists from around the world. Lafayette Chanel designer Karl - Karl Lagerfeld were also at the rally in New York for the event.

Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel Mobile Art in New York attending the exhibition and actress photo

But the other is from Chanel's news may be more to stimulate your eyeballs: In the United States, from November 1 onwards, Chanel brand's products will rise in price by 20%. Some people can not help but want to scream: God, the recession brought relief to go to church, we still have the luxury price!

But the industry has said senior media people to understand: "prices for luxury goods, is a way to show their preservation of Chanel, there is often 1-2 times per year price increases. Least 5%, most had reached 12% Therefore, the amount announced price increases of 20%, is actually relatively high. "

Although it is not known whether Chanel Regional Implementation increase in the global order, especially in Asia (now compete for top luxury big market) consumers are more concerned about the price of luxury goods, after the consumption of luxury goods in Europe and the potential has reached the limit.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 hairstyles make you ten years younger

You can choose astronomical creams, Lifting products to make your face look younger, but this may be a relatively lengthy process. Try to change your hairstyle, and instantly ten years younger is not a problem.

Cameron Diaz exposing the forehead feeling really bad, forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds, fine lines are all out of his eyes, and looks much older than the actual age.

Slight change hair style, you can look younger...
Select Partial Bob oblique bangs head looks sweet full range of children, more girls breath. This hairstyle on the basis of the hair before using a curling iron can be done.

Carey Mulligan already Reiki is very long, just look at the face of very elf, so this skilful formal hairstyles simply do not ride with her.
Slight change hair style, you can look younger...

Natural hair best known for her casual Pure beauty back.

Eliazabeth Banks choose freely according to this red carpet short wavy hair, had not much hair volume hair, she looks like less, age naturally increases.

Slight change hair style, you can look younger...

Abandon a sense of air and fluffy, with little curls instead of, this looks just right.


At first glance thought it was a ballet dancer or a chef, only they are required to be high bun Shu Qi, but Emily Blunt's face does not fit.

Slight change hair style, you can look younger...
Select carve up and side bangs also will be much better.


Short curly hair, fluffy head, suddenly the visual to the fifties of the last century, and how it impossible to escape that era.
Slight change hair style, you can look younger...
First previous hair straightening, hair sticks then make sense of large volumes of air, the old era of Hollywood star was born, retro at the same time, age advantage remains.

Julia Roberts
Dark hair color to mouth beauty Julia Roberts' face looks pale, bleak.
Slight change hair style, you can look younger...
Hair dyed caramel color is not look like a lot, the same Roberts, this feels like the beach just came back from vacation, vibrant.

Lavender can be soothing, if placed on the hair is not only shocked? It is a medieval witch do?
Slight change hair style, you can look younger...
Kelly is the color of gold, at least, to get her back to reality.

Excessive styling only make people look stiff. Bangs tightly fixed to the ear effect is like that.
Slight change hair style, you can look younger...
Similarly oblique bangs, but freedom of choice sag, not only modified face, but also make people look young and energetic.

We said before, either bangs, either Botox, but in this case, Rashida Jones must have a serious look youthful plot, bangs too short, just the opposite.
Slight change hair style, you can look younger...
That's right, random bangs naturally drawn hearted girl spokesperson.

Scarlett Johansson's retro styling, the Queen had the momentum, the Queen's age also go up.

Slight change hair style, you can look younger...
Loose bun looks like very young, especially the part of the natural over the edge to see how to be better than the crown.

Clip in Hair Extensions is a way for people to easily change any hairstyle to a variety of different looks, cuts and lengths. At our store, there are varies of 100% human hair clip in extensions, and they are available in different inches, colors. They will cause no damage to your own hair, and they just clip in and click out! They are really easy to use, and great for day or night wear - all ages suited. I believe the real hair clip on hair extensions will help glamourize your hair without the costly or time-consuming task of going to a hair salon.

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Jet Black Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions

26 Inch #1 Jet Black Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions 7pcs

Quick Overview

Type:Clip In Hair Extensions
Fiber:100% Remy Human Hair
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The method of proof from germinal

Anti-germinal There are many ways, is not any kind of anti-off hair loss hair growth methods people can use it? That is certainly not, for very many hair loss, alopecia different symptoms for different reasons, the use of product differentiation is very large. Need to understand the causes of hair loss after deciding what kind of anti-off products is more feasible, so the discovery of hair is needed to significantly reduce the hospital to see a doctor to do some diagnostics, this will be the best hair loss treatment period to avoid delays , do not go to some non-formal medical clinics, stores the name of the professional treatment of hair loss diagnosis, misdiagnosis could not say there may be delays in the treatment of hair loss.

First, be sure to adjust with a good mood alopecia, alopecia although not on what gives the physical pain, not to live, work, cause difficulties, but it often gives increased incidence of mental invisible pressure, sleep is not secure, diet mood are ever encountered situations. First of all, if you find yourself with the phenomenon of hair loss, do not panic, take a good first and most important step is to adjust their mentality, eliminate unnecessary tension, through so many hair loss information let everyone know that hair loss is treatable good, no need for the moment the disease caused unhappiness worse. Alopecia is the most important factor is often the most important work-related learning fatigue, early lights, a cup of hot milk, reward yourself with a black sweet dreams, who is also the hair is needed.

Among the staple food in the anti-hair loss hair growth also play a very important position, family health history has been promoting healthy dietary needs "grain for the charge, five fruits for the support," that human daily intake must be a certain amount of staple food and fruits and vegetables. However, a recent survey shows that modern urban people less and less consumption of staple foods, there are not enough potential. This gives the hair loss brings some risks. Staple food intake, easily lead to blood deficiency, kidney deficiency.

Electric hair radiation may also be an important factor, but not the main reason. Men work long hours at the computer or playing online games, it is easy mental fatigue, so that long-running tensions central nervous system, autonomic disorders, skin vasoconstriction dysfunction, vasoconstriction partial scalp reduction to make the blood supply, causing the hair follicle nutrition poor, resulting in cortical excitability, the spirit of high tension, causing hair loss. Should pay attention to supplement vitamin A-rich foods such as liver. Egg yolks, dairy products, etc., should eat more foods radiation (such as seaweed, high protein food) and drink green tea.

Hair experts recommend that everyone should be based on their hair, as well as seasonal and event space, either select the number of weekly shampoo. Approximately 100,000 human head hair, every hair follicle roots are closely linked with the sebaceous glands, sebaceous glands continue to secrete sebum. If in the summer or oily hair that due to strong secretion of sebum, hair greasy heavy condensation, easy to tie, not submissive, so the summer and oily hair, should shampoo once a day, in order to ensure a clean and healthy head. The neutral or dry hair who can adjust the frequency of cleaning the hair 4-5 times a week. As temperatures rise, or often in the outdoor sports, the hair vulnerable to intense ultraviolet light and dust in the air to stimulate, to avoid hair damage, are also advised to wash your hair every day.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Analysis of the types of hair loss and treatment

From ancient times human hair are constantly reducing the initial human body hair loss but also to accelerate the run easy catch food, but also conducive to the rapid temperature drop. Hair loss is an irreversible development of human society evolutionary process, but in nowadays society, people are not ready for baldness caused due to the difference image, hair loss itself is not a disease, because of this difference, many people will put this as a disease to cure, so we saw a lot of diet, prescriptions, etc., but these are actually no scientific basis, so I want to treat hair loss scientific knowledge needed, so as to quickly and effectively solve the problem.

First let us look at what is hair loss? There are many types of hair loss such as: hair loss caused by drugs, perm damaged hair loss, in which more than 80% of hair loss are androgenetic alopecia, here we focus on what androgenetic alopecia and treatment.

I called them everyday to hear male pattern hair loss, seborrheic alopecia, hereditary hair loss, diffuse alopecia fact, these are androgenic alopecia, 70% of the people are genetic, is the third generation refers to the genetic relatives ( father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother) there is a case of hair loss can be called inheritance. In alopecia crowd we have found that men accounted for the majority, why is there such a significant difference? And men themselves androgens on the right? Yes, this type of hair loss was mainly due to the effect of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone by 5α-converting enzyme reaction of the human body is generated after a male hormone, blood which is widely distributed in the body. DHT levels in the human body is very small but the power is very strong, in the case of excess DHT can cause acne, hair loss and other phenomena occur in the elderly prostate disease. The role of androgens in the head when the head and forehead receptors are mainly more serious, so we see the majority of patients showed a M-type alopecia or alopecia Mediterranean.

We understand the causes of hair loss, then how to treat it? Treatment for hair loss products are mainly oral and topical products, and other major means of hair transplantation. Here we mainly explain hair loss treatment product selection, on the principle of hair transplantation do simple introduction. Androgenetic alopecia can be used oral drugs, topical drugs and professional shampoo combination treatment.

First we look at internal medicine, and now medically proven treatment for hair loss after oral administration of the drug finasteride 1mg tablets, has just started to develop Finasteride tablets are used to treat prostatitis, prostate patients in the course of drug use found to be able to promote hair growth, thus developed out of a special treatment of hair loss finasteride 1mg tablets, its mechanism of action is combined with 5α-reductase, thus effectively suppressing testosterone into dihydrotestosterone in the process, reducing the two Hydrogen content of testosterone in the human body, so as to achieve a reversal of hair loss. Minors with caution, in the amount of dihydrotestosterone case of insufficient yin may cause short, small scrotum and other phenomena.

Second, let us look at the choice of topical hair loss, hair loss treatment through medical certification that is effective drugs for topical minoxidil, minoxidil preliminary oral medications to treat high blood pressure, discovered in the course of how the side effects of hirsutism appear to take advantage of such side effects developed in addition to specialized topical spray used to treat hair loss. The current study suggests that minoxidil can directly stimulate hair follicle epithelial cell proliferation and differentiation, promotion of angiogenesis, increase local blood flow, opening potassium channels. The hair follicles from the telogen conversion to growing. Systemic absorption of topical minoxidil minimal. There is sufficient clinical trials minoxidil androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata has a good effect. Many hospitals in the country has since allocated minoxidil solution.

Finally, speaking about shampoo, currently on the market for hair loss shampoo many, the quality varies greatly. However, anti-off shampoo and Drug efficacy is unmatched, so I chose the main reference when safety factors can be mild. Such as professional doctors recommended a healthy hair shampoo as Su Meishi solid hair glow Shampoo, safe mild scalp does not hurt to use for hair growth provides a good environment for the growth in the country's top professional hair transplant agencies also have Many doctors recommend this as a shampoo after shampoo. Because too many brands, limited space is not introduced. Of course, professional shampoo also valuable in general, made the faithful can be selected according to the actual economic situation.

Hair transplant is autologous hair transplantation for short, also called hair. Hair is a small outpatient surgery, are plastic cover surgery. Hair is like planting right image point, there would be no genetic defects follicles transplanted to areas of alopecia, most are based on the occipital hair follicles as donor, of course, there are very few with a beard or pubic hair as a donor of the case. After transplantation, survival of follicles in the normal growth of hair loss area, if designed properly, can play a very good disguise effect. Since hair effect is immediate, and is real hair, wigs more easily than psychologically acceptable, in recent years more and more hair hair Friends respected. The disadvantage of hair transplant costs are relatively high, need to have a certain economic base to implement it. In addition, the hair can not stop hair loss area Shangqie still exist, but with a genetic defect of the hair continues to fall out, so it is necessary to enter in to the stable phases of hair loss hair better.

In summary, both drugs, personal care products or hair transplantation, can not cure, but have their own strengths, according to the actual situation regimen can be. Hair loss will make people look older and, therefore, to find a job faced by adolescents and love, plagued by hair loss is the most serious. People grow older hair will gradually become less, so many people have an idea, with the appropriate means to control to a certain stage, or to reach a certain age will choose reductions or disabled, androgenetic alopecia in medical up said not a disease, mainly a lot of hair Friends psychological unacceptable, so that it makes a variety of treatments for hair loss magic pill, secret birth, many consumers do not understand the causes of hair loss in case inevitable deceived.

At this point, the majority of hair loss hair remind friends, find hair loss do not blindly use recipe, recipe, so as not to delay the best timing of treatment, the choice of the right product at the same time we must also use a positive attitude to face, so that the course of treatment will be benefit, so as to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to properly treat wig products

Wig after all, is a consumer product, like permanent use is impossible, but good maintenance habits can greatly extend the service life, the right to treat wig products.

First, wig products require regular cleaning and maintenance. Because it is real hair and scalp biological protein, prolonged use of some vulnerable to external corrosion, such as sweat, oil, must be regularly cleaned;

Second, some hair conditioner and other maintenance products, human hair for hair conditioner and other care products, wig products as applicable, agencies generally have a professional wig care products, with the use of better protection for wigs;

Third, pay attention to everyday wear and tear. Like old shoes to go mountain easily broken, if I usually in motion, outdoor work environment, wigs will be affected, you can try to do some protective measures, or take turns using alternate two wigs, wigs extend product life.

     Common hair gel, make sure you pay attention to the deep. Try not to take hair gel overnight. Choose some of the deep shampoo for scalp oil on the scalp regularly to care. Otherwise, the hair spray chemicals can damage the hair follicles, causing the hair loss. We look at those high doses hairspray idol will be very care for their hair. Regular maintenance is required. And do not choose the kind of copycat brands of hair gel. Alcohol, chemical content exceeded, it is impossible to treat. Your body will cause damage to organs.

     In summary, under good maintenance habits, professional wig product can be used 3 to 5 years, or even longer. If you like changing a variety of styles, there is more than one wig rotate, are more conducive to the maintenance of the wig.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Treatment of seborrheic hair loss What is a good way

Seborrheic hair loss that occurred to him in the youth between the ages of 25 to 35 male-dominated, and slowly increase with age, hair, hair loss can slow down but the symptoms are increasing. About the treatment of seborrheic hair loss medicine and Western medicine has its own unique insights and recipe. Seborrheic hair loss is divided into acute and chronic types. What is acute seborrheic hair loss: scalp oil secretion strong, dandruff, head itch hair fall out within a short time is very fast. Shedding is a pinch pinch of the swap, or even completely naked. Also there may be a small scalp pimples, such symptoms occur in adolescence, men are more women rarely. The most obvious feature is repeated healing and recurrence. What is chronic seborrheic hair loss? Greasy scalp anomalies and very bright, it seems like hair oil painting, a large white bran-like dandruff. Abnormal hair dry and dull. Hair from her forehead and both sides started slowly hair loss, may form only after several decades bald, but not all bald. This type occurs in young men and women, women generally do not behave thinning hair balding.
Chinese medicine treatment of seborrheic hair loss: Spleen dampness seborrheic alopecia is caused by a direct factor. Should adopt one. Atractylodes 15 grams, Alisma, Sichuan, 10 grams, 10 grams of saffron, habitat, Rehmannia, Dodder, Radix 12 grams, Caulis 15 grams, angelica, black sesame seeds 10 grams, black mulberry 10 g, papaya, Tianma 6 grams, white peony root 12 g, hawthorn 20 grams, 30 grams of Salvia, Cimicifuga 3 grams, licorice 6 grams, 20 grams of Semen decoction taken orally, every day one. 3 months for a course, for taking four courses will have a certain effect. 2 December lard 500 grams, 100 grams of pig iron, pig iron pig fat people boil and cook for 3, first wash the affected area with vinegar, cloth wipe gas heat and oil paint.Doctors believe that the treatment of seborrheic hair loss: male hormones, heredity, age, mental stress, head seborrheic hair loss is caused by mites and other factors. Measures to be taken: 1. Reached Fei Xin (minoxidil) can enhance the blood circulation of scalp and promote hair regrowth, local long-term use of male pattern hair loss and stimulate hair growth in patients with hair loss areata. (2) Oral finasteride, minoxidil topical solution to wipe, twin-tube put down to help hair growth.These are about the treatment of seborrheic hair loss, hair sections of Wang Su Meishi remind everyone: whether Chinese medicine or Western medicine treatment, require long waiting process, over the use of methods of treatment provided is not very clear, best to the hospital according to the doctor's recommendations, do not blindly treatment and use of home remedies.

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Top 10 Reasons to cause hair loss

1. mental or physical factors

Excessive stress causes hair loss is a common cause. Mental stress, depression, fear or severe insomnia can cause neurological disorders, capillary contraction continued in the hair follicles get adequate blood supply, and the scalp at the top of the body, and thus most vulnerable to hair loss. If the pressure continues, coupled with psychological weak, prone to broken hair (hair) addiction, eating hair (hair), Hair Pulling, etc. Head trauma, spinal cord, medulla oblongata, midbrain and brainstem lesions, can cause hair loss. Mental factors will seriously affect the hair growth cycle, long eye fatigue, excessive mental stress, nervous stress, irritable or anxious mood, staying up late, can lead to hair growth cycles, hair loss phenomenon, leading to premature baldness . Common such as postpartum hair loss, serious illness alopecia, hair loss after the examination and some shoulder major responsibility of the person in charge or businessman hair loss.

2, hormone imbalances and genetic factors

Pituitary secretion of growth hormone can promote hair growth, and growth hormone deficiency will cause the hair growth rate is relatively slow; hormones also affect hair Bodybuilding: Female hormones make the hair soft and shiny; male hormones will so the hair becomes hard and thick, once the sex hormones out of balance, it may appear abnormal hair. Therefore, postpartum, menopause, oral contraceptives, etc., in a given period will result in estrogen deficiency and hair loss; hypopituitarism, adrenal tumors, acromegaly late, can lead to hair loss. Most women approaching menopause are hair loss, hair loss can indeed confirm that caused hormonal, if this is the case choose to accept hormonal therapy or medication prescribed by a doctor.

3, diseases and factors of drug treatmentAnemia, malnutrition, acute fever, infectious diseases or chronic liver disease, if you interfere with the hair roots hair mother cell function, it will affect hair growth and color, and even normal hair mother cell division is inhibited, leaving hair in the resting period, there hair loss. In addition, the risk of ovarian cancer may be due to excessive secretion of androgens, the occurrence of dandruff, greasy hair, causing seborrheic dermatitis and alopecia.Drugs and hair tiesMany drugs can damage the hair, obstruct beauty. Immunosuppressants, chemotherapy drugs, arsenic and other drugs can cause hair loss, long-term use of antibiotics and painkillers, prone to fine, short hair, shedding phenomenon. Some nutritional supplements containing stimulants, long-term use and easy to make hair damage. Common drugs such as antidepressants, blood pressure drugs can cause hair loss, your doctor may recommend that patients switch to other kinds of drugs.Other factors, such as drug therapy chemotherapy, weight-loss drugs, ulcer drugs, vitamin A acid; regards the treatment of cancer chemotherapy, can cause a lot of people know that hair loss, which is due to chemotherapy will kill any cancer cells divide rapidly than The cells, including in the growing hair root cells, so it will Jiucheng about hair loss. When chemotherapy stops hair growth will gradually reborn.

4, food and nutritional and metabolic factors

As a partial eclipse caused by factors such as malnutrition, as well as due to indigestion, chronic wasting disease caused unbalanced nutrition or malabsorption can lead normal hair growth was inhibited and into the telogen phase, and the emergence of sparse hair, Kujiao early White or off. Excess sugar or salt, protein deficiency, iron deficiency, excess selenium, and certain metabolic diseases such as refined amino acid aciduria, homocystinuria, hereditary whey aciduria, methionyl acid metabolism disorders, but also causes hair loss.Nutrients and hair tiesIodine can promote the formation of melanin in the hair cortex, contribute to cell hyperplasia, produce sufficient quantities of melanin, iodine deficiency in the growth process when the brunette turns white;Calcium in the human body calcium deficiency, excessive hair will thicken, dry and fragile and easily broken;Vitamin deficiency of folic acid, pantothenic acid or B vitamins, the hair will turn gray;Lack of protein protein children, the hair will slowly turn red;Metals zinc deficiency can cause hair loss, baldness occurs; copper deficiency, iron, cobalt will make the hair gradually yellowed until white.

5, congenital factors

Congenital factors such as: developmental defects, various syndromes, such as early chronic disease caused by the hair completely absent or sparse; follicular dysplasia cause hair soft and easily broken. Congenital alopecia is an autosomal dominant genetic disease, more common in the offspring of consanguineous marriage.

6, the physical and chemical factorsLiving environment and hair tiesLiving environment and the hair is closely related to bodybuilding. The modern city of smoke and exhaust and other serious pollution of the people living space, which cause harm to the hair; long-term jobs in the strong sunlight, can cause hair loss and become dark brown melanin, and cut off the hair of the protein supply make hair rough and dark.Physical factors such as strain, bruises, burns and other injuries trauma and electricity; hair loss caused by physical factors: including hair alopecia, hair loss and other mechanical irritation local friction alopecia; radiation injury clinically divided into four degrees, can cause hair loss; excessive ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, often use hot hair, the hair can easily become scarce. Caused by physical factors, physical alopecia, also known as alopecia.Chemical factors such as shampoo in the boric acid or dye perm syrup: perm agent, clean hair, hair dyes and other hair cosmetics, hair loss is caused by a common cause. In recent years, women's hair thinning increasing incidence, which may lead to abuse of some irresponsible advertising agent for clean hair. Hair loss due to chemical factors known chemical alopecia.

7, endocrine disorders factorsEndocrine factors such as hyperthyroidism; overactive and underactive thyroid can cause hair thinning thinning, thyroid supplements can make hair back to normal. Thyroid hormone secretion is also related with the merits of the hair: hyperthyroidism, hair relatively soft, dysfunction, then the hair dry and dull.

8, the response function of the immune system disorder thatThe immune system may attack the hair follicles, leading to hair loss, such as autoimmune lupus function floc chaos caused alopecia; doctor will usually position the patient hair loss, direct injection of a small amount of steroids.

9, improper care and human factorsHuman factors and hair ties bad habits1), the day wearing a hat will oppress the scalp blood vessels, affecting blood circulation. Especially in the hot summer, hats obstruct ventilation, a long time easy to make hair loss;2), excessive drinking can cause gastrointestinal disease, which affects protein, vitamins and other nutrients digestion and absorption; wine preservative contained in the hair fitness also has a great negative impact.3), often drinking carbonated beverages and irritation of the stomach, causing digestive disorders, affecting the absorption of nutrients lead to hair loss;4), excessive exercise can also affect the health of hair, soft wool yarn will appear and lead to hair loss;5), for a long time in air-conditioned living room, can cause increased dandruff and hair loss.Improper hair care and hairdressing1), easy to damage the tip of a knife Thinning hair medulla, cortex and cuticle hair, often split ends and breakage, especially shaved his head immediately after the perm, more damage to the hair. Hair cut with scissors, will not damage the originator, healthy hair will continue to grow;2), perm, hair incorrectly can damage hair cortex. Perm water can dissolve the hair cortex protein and fat, soften the hair wavy; hair dye can remove the hair cortex of melanin, thus penetrate the hair dye. Thus perm, hair dyes quality, dose and application method used is very important, correct and appropriate use can reduce its damage to the hair;3), the excessive use of hair dryer can damage hair cortex and medulla hair so dry hair, split ends, thinning until the fall;4), hairbrush and comb method of selection is not correct incorrectly will damage the hair. Electrostatic interaction can produce nylon hair brushes, combs can produce up to several hundred volts of static electricity from hair root hair shaft spread the discharge, causing the pores and hair roots organizations bubbles, a long time, the pores and hair root is completely disengaged, and cause hair loss; wire brush and hairbrush made from pig will damage hair, and it is not used, the best selection of rubber or plastic wooden hairbrush or comb horny;5), shampoos improper selection affects hair bodybuilding. Series of commercially available oil shampoo, hair conditioner, make scalp sebum composition damaged, causing dander, dry scalp.

10, fungal infections, parasites, viruses and purulent skin diseases and other factors

Infection alopecia: Head chickenpox, shingles virus, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), M. leprae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, syphilis, Treponema pallidum, and tinea capitis caused by various fungi can cause hair loss. Local skin lesions such as seborrheic dermatitis, lichen planus, fungal or parasitic infections, etc. is also a major factor in causing hair loss. Scalp lipophilic fungus in the sebaceous glands under the premise of large blooms, disaster of lipophilic fungus to obtain nutrients from the hair follicles and the metabolites emissions, where the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and chronic inflammation - seborrheic dermatitis, hair follicles gradually atrophy, germinal function gradually diminishes, hair gradually reduced until baldness. Head mite is a tiny parasite, the naked eye can not see. It parasites in human hair follicles to sebum for food, and the secretion of lipase (lipase), erosion of the sebaceous glands, blocked hair follicles, causing hair loss or baldness.Hair loss is a headache image problem

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Choose hairstyle tips

Wig then the United States have for your own, listen to professional presentation, feel what wig style more appropriate? Wig for your future use is not without benefits. Wigs many styles, perfectly suitable type can be applied on different occasions, such as work, travel, leisure, dinner, etc.; simply can make your image changing, fantastic.

Choose according to face

Round face: You can select some can cover the cheeks, the length of the face to be seen, so that it plump face was petite lot.
Coconut Round face: select some bangs four, six or three, seven joints, the whole big wave wig, smooth lines used to set off
At the lower amount, will make the whole face look lively and have a sense of flow lines.

Square face: This face lady to note that if negligence, will make their own shortcomings exposed, so try to choose some of the two

 Lower level side, slightly curled hair does not make the face look soft lot. Will make a woman more gentle, charming.Oval face: the best choice in the long hair type is more suitable, but some can be fluffy little forehead, jaw too plump hair, which
Like the overall feel will be very coordinated.

Color selection
Whitish: Whitish color, although natural beauty, but if the color of the wig improper selection will make you look very healthy. But Is light brown red, light reddish brown and very soft colors of these will make your face red and angry.Yellow: the color yellow can choose natural black, dark brown and other darker colors will make the skin appear yellowish white lot.Ten million refuse Yellow hair color, it would have been ugly skin more unsightly.Nature Skin: This skin is the best, and looks healthy and shiny hair color selection room is also very wide, such as yellow, reddish brown,Wine red, purple, dark coffee all are appropriate.Partial black: severe skin pigmentation, make skin look dull and lackluster, the hair colors to use some natural black, dark orange
Off color, etc., will make his face bright lot.

Wigs Introduction

Wigs for sale on the market variety, we can choose according to their different situations to choose.

By area, it has two kinds of wigs and wig piece:

1, the wig is a wig throughout the entire band in the head, characterized by: Easy to wear, good fastness, covering a large area for
Situation broad.

2, wig piece can be customized according to different needs of different shapes, different sizes wig piece, characterized by: strong randomness, fidelity
Extremely high, good air permeability.

According to production methods can be divided into hair and hand-woven hook hair into two categories:

1, hair weaving machine production line is made ​​out of. Mass production, low prices are its main features, the disadvantage is: it is easy to be
Look out, weight more sedate, poor ventilation easy to make hair follicles blocked, easy to tie. Advantage is that the price is very cheap. 2, hand hook hook hair is hand crafted, all the hair is hand a root hook out, this wig advantages are: fidelity
High, good ventilation, comfortable to wear, can be customized, the disadvantage is the price relatively high.

Press materials can be divided into chemical fiber and human hair into two categories:

1, the wire is made of a synthetic fiber products to mimic the hair, which is characterized by poor fidelity, easily reacts with scalp itch after wearing
Feeling. Advantages are: low price.

2, the human hair is the choice of the processed 100% human hair made​​, the advantages are: high fidelity, easy to tie, after
Period can bureau, dye, perm, convenient changing hairstyles, the disadvantage is the relatively high prices.