Thursday, August 29, 2013

Madonna: 40-year-old did not know he used to be a clown

Madonna appeared on time, and as the world's most striking woman, she did not seem so eye-catching. She was wearing a dark brown jacket, wearing one can pull down over his eyes tweed Nepalese hat. "Hello, I'm Madonna," she said, winking, but fortunately she has just dyed his hair, not many people recognize her, not so high retention rates. Our hotel in Beverly Hills POLO hall meeting, where far away from her place, she took from the hands of actress Diana Keaton bought this building $ 3.5 million residential, albeit often haunt famous star here, Madonna still causes the emergence of a little commotion, the waiter who from time to time, "Gone with the Wind" to her side, she ordered a cup of chamomile tea with honey, politely interrupted their whispering.

There have been many people think, a lot of things should not appear in Madonna's music career, such as her "Like A Prayer" music video lure of black saints. "In Bed With Madonna" (bed with Madonna) Madonna movie-depth disclosure of many unknown secrets, many people think that this is not a wise move. Then she and the famous bisexual comedian Sandra Bernhard (Sandra Bernhard) With one leg in her photo album, she and supermodel Naomi Campbell, singer Vanilla Ice and other assumed a series of explicit sexual positions, which are already strained public too lazy to respond, they are more willing to listen to Madonna, despite their own imagination.

"Different things give me inspiration," Madonna said, "I want to go to guitar lessons, learn something, maybe Mirwais (Mirwais William Orbit, French dance community representatives, the representative of the 1998 Grammy Award for" light "), do not give me some arranger chords on the lyrics speaking, they sometimes suddenly burst into my mind, I will write a few random, I have a diary, I often write down me from a newspaper or book to see good ideas. "

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