Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hermes legend can not be copied(No.2)

Hermès scarves

This is a Belle Epoque

Late 19th early 20th century, the French is a very important period of time, especially in France, the Paris region has a stable and prosperous period in the history known as La Belle Epoque (Belle Epoque). At that time, France from several wars have been revived, and the industrial revolution brought about economic development, but also the community prospered. World's Fair in Paris held a series, the Eiffel Tower in Paris to become the supreme symbol. Fashion-conscious Parisians, for the love of fashion luxury upgrade to a new level.

Handmade process

1880, Thierry's son Charles-Emile Hermès to expand the family business, he not only moved the headquarters of Hermes of Paris's famous Fubao Road 24, adjacent to the Presidential Office, and the local nobility closer, but also let out Hermes Paris, to Europe, North America, Russia, the Americas and Asia. Hermes manufacture high horse was loved by European nobles, the brand has become typical of French luxury consumer representatives. Hermes Brothers (Hermès Frères) under the name of the company's management by the third generation of family members are responsible. Hermes is the twentieth century created a brilliant start, and continue to actively develop high horse career.

1900, for Paris is an important year for the third time this luxurious city hosted the World Expo, and this exposition than any previous European scale are large. Most of the countries participating in the exposition Kay Road Race (French Foreign Ministry) international street has its own exhibition hall, while the French and British colonial countries also took them each with exotic exhibits came to France. They come here, know the French, also met a French luxury. In international celebrities have ordered Hermes products, fubao Avenue workshop in their own craftsmanship serving European royal family, the trail farther to Annan, Vietnam, Siam, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Chile ...... this is Hermes the Belle Epoque.

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