Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hermes legend can not be copied (No.8)

Hermes accessories

Classic Hermes

ScarvesIt is said that every 38 seconds around the world will sell a Hermes scarf. In 1937, inspired by the jockey jacket triggered designed called "Lady with the bus," the first Hermes scarf was born. Since then, Hermes 12 designs each year, has been more than more than 100 styles of scarves presented in front of the world. Many classic designs such as "Ex-Libris", "BridesdeGala" and so on, after re-color and still popular, enduring. Each one scarf through the layers of checkpoints, would take 18 months to be born. In recent years, Hermes love theme design, so a little scarf, tells a vivid story worlds, creating another legend of Hermes.KELLY packagePrincess of Monaco Grace Kelly bag is Kelly's maiden name, the name "Kelly bag." Each Kelly bag, by the global procurement staff from the annual auction to purchase the finest leather, selected after every piece of leather only choose the best part. Throughout sewing handbags carried by one master, compiled on the number, engraved with the names of craftsmen, a boutique was born. To have a kelly bag, must book at least six months in advance, even before the British Princess Diana, we must be patient in order to get her love of the valuable blue ostrich leather handbag. Some even have to wait six to seven years after the stock desirable, while its market price speculation has reached $ 60,000 or more. Kelly bag each with a variety of models, respectively, including 28cm, 32cm, 35cm, 40cm, and mini sizes and other specifications, as many as 33 kinds of materials, colors, more than 209 kinds.BIRKIN bagIn 1986, the fifth president Jean-Louis - Dumas Aircraft occasional French actress Jane Birkin, and she launched specifically for this classic design. More casual than the Kelly bag form, material and color selection is greater. 2004 autumn and winter, Gaultier Birkin bag is designed to extend the new ratio: horizontal rectangular shoulder Birkin bags.Birkin bag 4 sizes, 90 different materials and colors, mostly leather cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, and more precious crocodile leather, ostrich and lizard skin. Price from 50,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan range. Even with such a high price, but also experience a long wait for custom. Because each packet is the master handmade, one bag completion time is three months, six months to one year after taking the arrival. BIRKIN every product to be a craftsman Seiko secret agents 18 hours, and then compiled on the number, engraved with the names of craftsmen, so each one is unique.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hermes legend can not be copied (No.7)

Hermes bracelet

Emile Hermès's death in 1951, his son Robert Dumas to the throne, with another love-law Jean-RenéGuerrand co-operation. Hermes orange gift box carriage trademarks and witnessed the steady stream of new products available: 1949 tie, the first perfume in 1951. In Emile Hermès promote enduring creative spirit, Robert Dumas actively participate in the creation of new products: handbags, jewelry and other accessories series, many have become Hermes classic. With the help of the design team, Robert Dumas glow a great inspiration, focusing on development and design scarves for Hermes scarves guru laid the foundation for a generation.In 1954, the Oscar stage stood a beautiful woman. She is the most expensive film in the history of women - Grace - Kelly, Princess of Monaco. In 1957, his pregnant Grace to escape the media lens, in order to cover their own Hermes handbags convex belly, it shall saddle pouch design from the name "Kelly bag", became the brand's classic. Duke of Windsor and his wife, Komori America Davis, Ingrid Bergman, Luo Lanba high 亨弗列鲍嘉 Kennedy couple and then the budding superstars such as Romy Schneider and Catherine Deneuve are loved Hermes plus, Hermes brand has since become legend.Sixties and seventies, Hermes in Europe, Asia and the United States have started a new store. In 1973, Germany launched a Hermes called Die Welt von Hermès product catalog, future development to become today's "Hermes World" magazine. July 1975, Hermes Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong opened its first store.Born in 1938, the fifth generation member of the Jean-Louis Dumas Hermes in 1978 to become a leader in collaboration with the cousins, the young vigor and enthusiasm injected group. He re-interpretation of the silk products, leather goods and fashion series, advanced techniques and traditional production process of combining. He founded in Biel, Switzerland, called La Montre Hermès watchmaking segment; then launched enamel and ceramic products, and the acquisition of shoemakers John Lobb, Crystal Workshop Saint-Louis and the gold and silver craftsmen Puiforcat. Since 1976 since the establishment of holding companies, Hermes Group to expand and strengthen the global business. Jean-Louis Dumas the Group had a remarkable growth, thanks to his consistent pursuit of perfection. In 1979, Hermes opened a second store in Hong Kong.1987, Hermes held a 150th anniversary celebration, the company affirmed its position as an international artisans craft unique combination of spiritual and artistic style.Since 1990, Hermes encounter China through cultural dialogue, which is the red silk. Many models are related to China's nature and history, traditions and various drip legendary Heart interlinked.In 1992, the work of Hermes workshop moved to the outskirts of Paris Pantin a glass curtain wall building, in order to gain more space for development.Outstanding and entrepreneurial members of six generations in succession to open up territory to conquer new markets. Over the years, Hermes has been faithful to its basic values ​​established by the founder, and in their leadership, innovation and progress began a century of pursuit. They respect the past, the same engrossed in the future. On the performance of fine material and simple enthusiasm for the love of manual techniques handed down, and the vitality of the kind constantly innovating in the Hermes from generation to generation.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hermes legend can not be copied (No.6)

Hermes orange box

October 29, 1929, in what has been called the "Black Tuesday" of the day, the New York Stock Exchange, where all the people are caught in a vortex of selling shares, which is the history of the United States Securities darkest day. Since then, the United States and up to 10 years into the global economy during the Great Depression. August 1, 1930, in New York, Hermes No.1 East 53rd Street, opened its first standalone store. However, the global economic recession forced the stores closed at the end of 1931. As a response to the Great Recession, Hermes launched a number of men in the thirties happens relish the classic series: since been named "Kelly" purse, leather notebook, Sac àdépêches Briefcase (1935), Chaine d ' ancre bracelet (1938) and Ladies cavalière riding attire and jackets, which have been 列入爱马仕 legend lists. Originally as knight inspired silk blouse material scarf inspiration and was launched in 1937.
Manufacturing can not be copied legend
In 1937, Hermes ushered his centenary, Emile Hermès personal hobby led to an art collection series was born, by the descendants of the collection, to make it more abundant. Among whether paintings, books or art objects are all objects of inspiration for designers capture. Hermes logo design inspiration also comes from his collection of one by the Alfredo was Dole has painted "carriage with horse boy." The picture painted is a two-seater wagon, by the master himself harnessed horse boy never complained to the side, and the owner was a figure to be driving seat. The implication is: Although Hermes provides excellent product, but how to show the characteristics of goods, require consumers to understand and manage.
By this time, World War II, gunshots are fired. Before the war, Hermes boxes and other packaging bags, has a unique shape that they can still be seen, but at that time by the meter white cardboard imitation pigskin made. During the war, bags of paper stock soon run out. At that time all substances according quota distribution, not for wrapping paper away Hermes request "ban list", the manufacturer had to be satisfied with the only full-orange jam. After the war, Hermes chose orange as the color of the packaging, to commemorate the resource-poor era. But compared to the past, jam is frosted, colors more vivid few. Subsequently, the brand launched a printed Hermès Hermes logo Packaging Tape. This package with several different colors, such as maroon, gray, red, symbolizing the different product category Hermes. Today, Hermes a total of 178 different models, sizes orange boxes.

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Hermes legend can not be copied (No.5)

Handmade process
To the United States adventure!

After the war, European countries, the recession began, the U.S. became the new economic center. As a father of four daughters, Emile Hermès soon had a three-in-law: Robert Dumas, Jean-RenéGuerrand and Francis Puech, he will train them to become effective, and complementary expertise partners. Then, in the main French resort opened a branch, and in 1924 settled in the United States. Tourists from all over the world come to visit the French were bound to Hermes. Customers of any country in the Hermes store in that it can feel absolutely modernist architectural style, harmonious and bright, the interpretation of a saddle maker's spirit: the pursuit of both traditional and modern fusion. Hermes bags, clothing, accessories developments in the field is cleverly catered keen globetrotting elite pursuit: exquisite, speed, sport and adventure. Since the beginning of 1927, Annie Beaumel has served as a window designer Hermes, Hermes make the window became an international symbol, every season is different, full of creativity, surprise: or unconventional, or poetic.

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Hermes legend can not be copied (No.4)

Hermes Boots

In 1914, the outbreak of World War II to the European covered traumata, Emile-Maurice was sent to the U.S. Department of French cavalry is responsible for ordering the leather. At this time the United States, fashion has taken root, the famous "fashion" magazine under the leadership of the Chase became celebrities attention of the magazine. In order to make a fashion leader at the time celebrities to be found, "fashion" in the first conference held in New York, was named as New York Fashion Week. The Ferragamo came to the U.S. at this time, the first and the brothers and sisters together to open a shoe store, then went to California, was when the rapid development of the film industry in California, Ferragamo and movies from forged a bond, being hailed as a movie star's private shoemaker.

In the United States of Emile-Maurice deeply appreciate all kinds of traffic to mass production and technological developments will certainly make travel more vigorous demand for leather products. Upon his return home he was excited, which is another reason he had not yet been discovered by Europeans know zipper. He managed to make this discovery to obtain exclusive use of patents, not only the zipper used in leather products, also the introduction of fashion, he would have become the first person in France to introduce zipper. War people are practical and stylish design for the fascinated, he thereby achieved great success. Emile-Maurice Hermès Hermes leadership alone, leading the company to develop a new way of life. He will saddle stitch used in other leather products, and natural products, the new record a series of handbags, luggage and travel goods, sports and car accessories, scarves, belts, gloves, jewelry and watches, no - interpretation of the Hermes is not the pursuit of perfect quality.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Hermes legend can not be copied (No.3)

Hermes Away from the horse's

It was a car ready to come out of the era. Then attempt to replace traditional steam carriage carriage ride in the streets of Paris. December 24, 1898 Christmas Eve, only 21-year-old Louis Renault driving his horseless manned vehicle boarded Paris Montmartre Hill, won the crowd amazed eyes, the orders continue to arrive, Renault officially published. Vehicles in Europe and the increasing popularity of high society, high horse with shrinking market demand. Hermes converting time, began to move toward production of varieties direction. 1900, Hermès offers its customers a special saddle bags with shoulder strap, its unique shape designed specifically for rider for carrying their saddle. However, Hermes is still sewn harness technology to produce all kinds of exquisite leather goods, thus maintaining a delicate hand and texture. In the third-generation head of Hermes's efforts, Hermes entered the palace of European countries to become Queen's treasures.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hermes legend can not be copied(No.2)

Hermès scarves

This is a Belle Epoque

Late 19th early 20th century, the French is a very important period of time, especially in France, the Paris region has a stable and prosperous period in the history known as La Belle Epoque (Belle Epoque). At that time, France from several wars have been revived, and the industrial revolution brought about economic development, but also the community prospered. World's Fair in Paris held a series, the Eiffel Tower in Paris to become the supreme symbol. Fashion-conscious Parisians, for the love of fashion luxury upgrade to a new level.

Handmade process

1880, Thierry's son Charles-Emile Hermès to expand the family business, he not only moved the headquarters of Hermes of Paris's famous Fubao Road 24, adjacent to the Presidential Office, and the local nobility closer, but also let out Hermes Paris, to Europe, North America, Russia, the Americas and Asia. Hermes manufacture high horse was loved by European nobles, the brand has become typical of French luxury consumer representatives. Hermes Brothers (Hermès Frères) under the name of the company's management by the third generation of family members are responsible. Hermes is the twentieth century created a brilliant start, and continue to actively develop high horse career.

1900, for Paris is an important year for the third time this luxurious city hosted the World Expo, and this exposition than any previous European scale are large. Most of the countries participating in the exposition Kay Road Race (French Foreign Ministry) international street has its own exhibition hall, while the French and British colonial countries also took them each with exotic exhibits came to France. They come here, know the French, also met a French luxury. In international celebrities have ordered Hermes products, fubao Avenue workshop in their own craftsmanship serving European royal family, the trail farther to Annan, Vietnam, Siam, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Chile ...... this is Hermes the Belle Epoque.