Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hermes legend can not be copied (No.6)

Hermes orange box

October 29, 1929, in what has been called the "Black Tuesday" of the day, the New York Stock Exchange, where all the people are caught in a vortex of selling shares, which is the history of the United States Securities darkest day. Since then, the United States and up to 10 years into the global economy during the Great Depression. August 1, 1930, in New York, Hermes No.1 East 53rd Street, opened its first standalone store. However, the global economic recession forced the stores closed at the end of 1931. As a response to the Great Recession, Hermes launched a number of men in the thirties happens relish the classic series: since been named "Kelly" purse, leather notebook, Sac àdépêches Briefcase (1935), Chaine d ' ancre bracelet (1938) and Ladies cavalière riding attire and jackets, which have been 列入爱马仕 legend lists. Originally as knight inspired silk blouse material scarf inspiration and was launched in 1937.
Manufacturing can not be copied legend
In 1937, Hermes ushered his centenary, Emile Hermès personal hobby led to an art collection series was born, by the descendants of the collection, to make it more abundant. Among whether paintings, books or art objects are all objects of inspiration for designers capture. Hermes logo design inspiration also comes from his collection of one by the Alfredo was Dole has painted "carriage with horse boy." The picture painted is a two-seater wagon, by the master himself harnessed horse boy never complained to the side, and the owner was a figure to be driving seat. The implication is: Although Hermes provides excellent product, but how to show the characteristics of goods, require consumers to understand and manage.
By this time, World War II, gunshots are fired. Before the war, Hermes boxes and other packaging bags, has a unique shape that they can still be seen, but at that time by the meter white cardboard imitation pigskin made. During the war, bags of paper stock soon run out. At that time all substances according quota distribution, not for wrapping paper away Hermes request "ban list", the manufacturer had to be satisfied with the only full-orange jam. After the war, Hermes chose orange as the color of the packaging, to commemorate the resource-poor era. But compared to the past, jam is frosted, colors more vivid few. Subsequently, the brand launched a printed Hermès Hermes logo Packaging Tape. This package with several different colors, such as maroon, gray, red, symbolizing the different product category Hermes. Today, Hermes a total of 178 different models, sizes orange boxes.

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