Friday, August 16, 2013

Analysis of the types of hair loss and treatment

From ancient times human hair are constantly reducing the initial human body hair loss but also to accelerate the run easy catch food, but also conducive to the rapid temperature drop. Hair loss is an irreversible development of human society evolutionary process, but in nowadays society, people are not ready for baldness caused due to the difference image, hair loss itself is not a disease, because of this difference, many people will put this as a disease to cure, so we saw a lot of diet, prescriptions, etc., but these are actually no scientific basis, so I want to treat hair loss scientific knowledge needed, so as to quickly and effectively solve the problem.

First let us look at what is hair loss? There are many types of hair loss such as: hair loss caused by drugs, perm damaged hair loss, in which more than 80% of hair loss are androgenetic alopecia, here we focus on what androgenetic alopecia and treatment.

I called them everyday to hear male pattern hair loss, seborrheic alopecia, hereditary hair loss, diffuse alopecia fact, these are androgenic alopecia, 70% of the people are genetic, is the third generation refers to the genetic relatives ( father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother) there is a case of hair loss can be called inheritance. In alopecia crowd we have found that men accounted for the majority, why is there such a significant difference? And men themselves androgens on the right? Yes, this type of hair loss was mainly due to the effect of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone by 5α-converting enzyme reaction of the human body is generated after a male hormone, blood which is widely distributed in the body. DHT levels in the human body is very small but the power is very strong, in the case of excess DHT can cause acne, hair loss and other phenomena occur in the elderly prostate disease. The role of androgens in the head when the head and forehead receptors are mainly more serious, so we see the majority of patients showed a M-type alopecia or alopecia Mediterranean.

We understand the causes of hair loss, then how to treat it? Treatment for hair loss products are mainly oral and topical products, and other major means of hair transplantation. Here we mainly explain hair loss treatment product selection, on the principle of hair transplantation do simple introduction. Androgenetic alopecia can be used oral drugs, topical drugs and professional shampoo combination treatment.

First we look at internal medicine, and now medically proven treatment for hair loss after oral administration of the drug finasteride 1mg tablets, has just started to develop Finasteride tablets are used to treat prostatitis, prostate patients in the course of drug use found to be able to promote hair growth, thus developed out of a special treatment of hair loss finasteride 1mg tablets, its mechanism of action is combined with 5α-reductase, thus effectively suppressing testosterone into dihydrotestosterone in the process, reducing the two Hydrogen content of testosterone in the human body, so as to achieve a reversal of hair loss. Minors with caution, in the amount of dihydrotestosterone case of insufficient yin may cause short, small scrotum and other phenomena.

Second, let us look at the choice of topical hair loss, hair loss treatment through medical certification that is effective drugs for topical minoxidil, minoxidil preliminary oral medications to treat high blood pressure, discovered in the course of how the side effects of hirsutism appear to take advantage of such side effects developed in addition to specialized topical spray used to treat hair loss. The current study suggests that minoxidil can directly stimulate hair follicle epithelial cell proliferation and differentiation, promotion of angiogenesis, increase local blood flow, opening potassium channels. The hair follicles from the telogen conversion to growing. Systemic absorption of topical minoxidil minimal. There is sufficient clinical trials minoxidil androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata has a good effect. Many hospitals in the country has since allocated minoxidil solution.

Finally, speaking about shampoo, currently on the market for hair loss shampoo many, the quality varies greatly. However, anti-off shampoo and Drug efficacy is unmatched, so I chose the main reference when safety factors can be mild. Such as professional doctors recommended a healthy hair shampoo as Su Meishi solid hair glow Shampoo, safe mild scalp does not hurt to use for hair growth provides a good environment for the growth in the country's top professional hair transplant agencies also have Many doctors recommend this as a shampoo after shampoo. Because too many brands, limited space is not introduced. Of course, professional shampoo also valuable in general, made the faithful can be selected according to the actual economic situation.

Hair transplant is autologous hair transplantation for short, also called hair. Hair is a small outpatient surgery, are plastic cover surgery. Hair is like planting right image point, there would be no genetic defects follicles transplanted to areas of alopecia, most are based on the occipital hair follicles as donor, of course, there are very few with a beard or pubic hair as a donor of the case. After transplantation, survival of follicles in the normal growth of hair loss area, if designed properly, can play a very good disguise effect. Since hair effect is immediate, and is real hair, wigs more easily than psychologically acceptable, in recent years more and more hair hair Friends respected. The disadvantage of hair transplant costs are relatively high, need to have a certain economic base to implement it. In addition, the hair can not stop hair loss area Shangqie still exist, but with a genetic defect of the hair continues to fall out, so it is necessary to enter in to the stable phases of hair loss hair better.

In summary, both drugs, personal care products or hair transplantation, can not cure, but have their own strengths, according to the actual situation regimen can be. Hair loss will make people look older and, therefore, to find a job faced by adolescents and love, plagued by hair loss is the most serious. People grow older hair will gradually become less, so many people have an idea, with the appropriate means to control to a certain stage, or to reach a certain age will choose reductions or disabled, androgenetic alopecia in medical up said not a disease, mainly a lot of hair Friends psychological unacceptable, so that it makes a variety of treatments for hair loss magic pill, secret birth, many consumers do not understand the causes of hair loss in case inevitable deceived.

At this point, the majority of hair loss hair remind friends, find hair loss do not blindly use recipe, recipe, so as not to delay the best timing of treatment, the choice of the right product at the same time we must also use a positive attitude to face, so that the course of treatment will be benefit, so as to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

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