Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hermes legend can not be copied (No.4)

Hermes Boots

In 1914, the outbreak of World War II to the European covered traumata, Emile-Maurice was sent to the U.S. Department of French cavalry is responsible for ordering the leather. At this time the United States, fashion has taken root, the famous "fashion" magazine under the leadership of the Chase became celebrities attention of the magazine. In order to make a fashion leader at the time celebrities to be found, "fashion" in the first conference held in New York, was named as New York Fashion Week. The Ferragamo came to the U.S. at this time, the first and the brothers and sisters together to open a shoe store, then went to California, was when the rapid development of the film industry in California, Ferragamo and movies from forged a bond, being hailed as a movie star's private shoemaker.

In the United States of Emile-Maurice deeply appreciate all kinds of traffic to mass production and technological developments will certainly make travel more vigorous demand for leather products. Upon his return home he was excited, which is another reason he had not yet been discovered by Europeans know zipper. He managed to make this discovery to obtain exclusive use of patents, not only the zipper used in leather products, also the introduction of fashion, he would have become the first person in France to introduce zipper. War people are practical and stylish design for the fascinated, he thereby achieved great success. Emile-Maurice Hermès Hermes leadership alone, leading the company to develop a new way of life. He will saddle stitch used in other leather products, and natural products, the new record a series of handbags, luggage and travel goods, sports and car accessories, scarves, belts, gloves, jewelry and watches, no - interpretation of the Hermes is not the pursuit of perfect quality.

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