Monday, September 9, 2013

Hermes legend can not be copied (No.7)

Hermes bracelet

Emile Hermès's death in 1951, his son Robert Dumas to the throne, with another love-law Jean-RenéGuerrand co-operation. Hermes orange gift box carriage trademarks and witnessed the steady stream of new products available: 1949 tie, the first perfume in 1951. In Emile Hermès promote enduring creative spirit, Robert Dumas actively participate in the creation of new products: handbags, jewelry and other accessories series, many have become Hermes classic. With the help of the design team, Robert Dumas glow a great inspiration, focusing on development and design scarves for Hermes scarves guru laid the foundation for a generation.In 1954, the Oscar stage stood a beautiful woman. She is the most expensive film in the history of women - Grace - Kelly, Princess of Monaco. In 1957, his pregnant Grace to escape the media lens, in order to cover their own Hermes handbags convex belly, it shall saddle pouch design from the name "Kelly bag", became the brand's classic. Duke of Windsor and his wife, Komori America Davis, Ingrid Bergman, Luo Lanba high 亨弗列鲍嘉 Kennedy couple and then the budding superstars such as Romy Schneider and Catherine Deneuve are loved Hermes plus, Hermes brand has since become legend.Sixties and seventies, Hermes in Europe, Asia and the United States have started a new store. In 1973, Germany launched a Hermes called Die Welt von Hermès product catalog, future development to become today's "Hermes World" magazine. July 1975, Hermes Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong opened its first store.Born in 1938, the fifth generation member of the Jean-Louis Dumas Hermes in 1978 to become a leader in collaboration with the cousins, the young vigor and enthusiasm injected group. He re-interpretation of the silk products, leather goods and fashion series, advanced techniques and traditional production process of combining. He founded in Biel, Switzerland, called La Montre Hermès watchmaking segment; then launched enamel and ceramic products, and the acquisition of shoemakers John Lobb, Crystal Workshop Saint-Louis and the gold and silver craftsmen Puiforcat. Since 1976 since the establishment of holding companies, Hermes Group to expand and strengthen the global business. Jean-Louis Dumas the Group had a remarkable growth, thanks to his consistent pursuit of perfection. In 1979, Hermes opened a second store in Hong Kong.1987, Hermes held a 150th anniversary celebration, the company affirmed its position as an international artisans craft unique combination of spiritual and artistic style.Since 1990, Hermes encounter China through cultural dialogue, which is the red silk. Many models are related to China's nature and history, traditions and various drip legendary Heart interlinked.In 1992, the work of Hermes workshop moved to the outskirts of Paris Pantin a glass curtain wall building, in order to gain more space for development.Outstanding and entrepreneurial members of six generations in succession to open up territory to conquer new markets. Over the years, Hermes has been faithful to its basic values ​​established by the founder, and in their leadership, innovation and progress began a century of pursuit. They respect the past, the same engrossed in the future. On the performance of fine material and simple enthusiasm for the love of manual techniques handed down, and the vitality of the kind constantly innovating in the Hermes from generation to generation.

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